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y'all know that we came to rock

give me some of that dirty pop

claim a P0P song
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for the pop song fanatics out there!

rules. read 'em and learn 'em.
. one song per person except for the maintainer or for those who help out with the community such as linking back, making a layout, making an icon, etc. linking back - one more claim. making an icon(s) - 3 more claims. making a layout(s) - 5 more claims.
. if you delete your username or leave the community without posting saying so, your claim(s) will automatically be up for grabs for others. if you are changing your username, please say so and don't forget to join under your new name.
. make sure when making a claim, it hasn't been taken. check the claim list and look back a few entries.
. you may change one claim of yours once and only once.
. you must join the community to claim.
. promoting your community is fine as long as it is a claiming community.
. linking back to the community is appreciative, but not mandatory.

your maintainer: str0ngenough